Top 10 Best Travel Agencies in Lagos

Travel Agencies in Lagos

Travelling out of the country is an important decision but the whole effort could hit a brick wall if you hire the wrong agency. Actually, there are many of them out there and it could be confusing to make the best choice but don’t worry, this post will show you the top, verified and trusted travel agencies in Lagos. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Agency  Not employing the hands of an expert in any of your endeavour could cost you a lot and travelling is not an exemption. This section shows you the benefits you stand to gain if you decide to opt-in for the service of a travel agency.  1. Experience Leverage Do you know travel agencies handle diverse kinds of travel cases?  Some intending travellers require their service for formal educational purposes, some for vacation, some for visitation and while some want to relocate permanently to their intended abroad destination.  So, agencies attend to different travel peculiarities in a bid to satisfy their client and as a result, they have a vast experience in handling similar cases, irrespective of the complexities attached.  Leveraging the experience of an agency is a great choice to expedite the execution of your travel plan.  2. Save Money and Time  Of course, this is in connection with the first reason mentioned – experience leverage.  If you want to save your hard-earned money and the time you could channel to other productive activities, it’s advisable you reach out to those who play in the field regularly.  They have what it takes to move you in the right process. Basically, among other support areas, they will help you in your visa application, flight ticket booking and hotel accommodation booking.  You may not appreciate their effort until you decide to give it a try by yourself. That’s when you will discover how tasking some of these seemingly little activities could be.  3. Safety  Reputable travel agencies have overtime built quality relationships with both local and foreign service providers and they can assure you of a safe destination.  It’s no news that some people who embark on vacation trips are victims of different vices in their destination countries. However, a trusted agency usually partners with hotels, tour guides and other service providers to ensure you are safe.  4. Guide on Destination Choice There are instances where an intending traveller has several options to choose from. This happens especially in cases of vacation or schooling. But it can be confusing if there’s nobody who has the required knowledge to guide on the best choice. This is where the expertise of travel agencies come in.  Primarily, they have a prior understanding of which destination is best for your goals. Also, they have the capacity to inquire further and confirm such a destination will afford you the benefits.  5. Access to Swift Assistance  Travel agencies are always on standby to provide adequate support before, during or after your trip. Chiefly, they serve as your expert emergency contact whenever you need things sorted out. For example, you may not speak the language of a foreign destination, your travel agency makes arrangements with someone who will help you overcome this language barrier.  In addition, they make the right move to rescue you in case you find yourself in the midst of an ongoing political unrest.  Basically, travel agencies leverage their contacts to make sure help reach you in the fastest way possible. Top 10 Best Travel Agencies in Lagos   Even though there are many travel agencies in Lagos, the travel agencies listed below are considered better than others. They include: 1. Ivav Travel This company is not just a leading travel agency in Lagos but in Nigeria. If you want to study, work or permanently relocate abroad especially, the United Kingdom, Ivav Travel is a seasoned travel firm that helps in turning your dreams to a reality. Also, they have a team of experts that hold you by the hand to ensure your application, visa processing, flight booking and accommodation are taken care of so that you can have the best travel experience. Address: 11 Adeboye Solanke, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 2. Clearview Int’l Travels & Tours Ltd This is a notable travel agency serving the global space. That is, though they are domiciled in Lagos, you can reach out to them from anywhere in the world for travel related services.  Basically, they attend to your needs irrespective of the destination you want to travel to and they ascertain a positive travel experience for you.  They are located at 6, Ilupeju Road, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria and their office opens between 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday they open from 9:00am to 2:00pm.  3. Sephoa Travels Here’s a leader when it comes to vacation. If you are a vacation lover, this a great option to consider. They ensure you enjoy a maximum level of an amazing home away from home experience while handling your budget.  Their consultancy rate is affordable and they help you plan your itinerary so that you have a memorable time at your proposed destination.  Location: 22, Toyin Olatunji Street, Ajasa Command, Lagos, Nigeria.  4. Inspiring Careers and Solutions If you want to study abroad, this is a go-to option. Inspiring Careers and Solutions helps you find a study destination that best suits your interest. They are a registered agency in both Nigeria and the USA and they are efficient in their dealings.  Apart from providing travel services, they are passionate about transforming the lives of people. One of the ways they’ve established their vision is to provide consulting services to SMEs.  Location: 14a Bayo Dejonwo Street, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria 5. Royal Coat Travels Limited This agency simply provides assistance for all your travel needs ranging from visa application to ticket booking, accommodation arrangement and airport pick-up.  Also, they’ve built solid partnerships with other service providers and this helps you to have an affordable service rate with them. Royal Coat Travels limited is

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