UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens 2022

UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

It’s no news that without a visa, it is impossible for you as a Nigerian to find your way into the UK.  As a result, you must specifically keep in mind the UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens  to prepare adequately for what would ensure the appropriate authorities issue your visa.

Now that you’re planning to leave the shores of Nigeria, it is important to pay attention to every word in this post.

Travelling to the UK from Nigeria

The decision to travel to the United Kingdom is great. It’s a sovereign state that currently accepts Nigerians with open arms. Well, we might say the colonial tie is responsible for this but in all, it’s a good destination for Nigerians. In fact, thousands of Nigerians travel year in, year out for various reasons which include higher education, visitation, business, conferences and health. Another reason which seems major at the present moment is permanent relocation to the UK. 

So, if you want to know what would help you secure your visa and avoid rejection, then this is the right webpage for you. In addition to the requirements explained, you will find other important information that will help your UK travel experience. 

Types of UK Visas in Nigeria

Just before we dive in deeper into the UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens, it is important you know that the number of UK visas you might be eligible for and can apply for is more than one. What triggers the specific type of visa you eventually go for is your travel motive. 

For instance, if you plan to travel for education, you will simply apply for a student visa instead of a visitor visa. 

If you want to have a comprehensive knowledge of UK visas in Nigeria and how to apply, we’ve already dedicated a detailed post for this purpose. 

However, we will briefly highlight them for the sake of this post. The different types of UK visas in Nigeria include: 

  • Family Visa 
  • Business Visa 
  • Work Visa 
  • Student Visa
  • Visitor Visa 

1. Family Visa 

Who doesn’t like to stay with members of their family at all times? If there are some who don’t, definitely, their population can’t be as high as those who love to. 

So, if you fall under the category of people who desire to stay with their family member(s) in the UK for more than six months, a family visa should be your go-to. 

Basically, you can apply for this visa to stay with your spouse, parent, child, fiancé/fiancee (with proof that you will get married soon) or a relative who’s ready to shoulder your responsibility. 

2. Business Visa 

This visa falls under the Tier 1 visa category. If you want to travel to the UK, solely for business purposes, then you should consider applying for this visa. 

Also, it is advisable you apply early as the processing time ranges from 15 to 90 days. 

Under this visa category, you can apply as an investor or an entrepreneur. 

3. Work Visa

The UK authorities will issue this visa to you if you’ve secured a job in the UK. 

In the scope of a work visa, you can apply as a long-term visa applicant if you will be staying and working in the UK for a long time or a short-term visa applicant if your time in the UK will be short. 

For instance, a medical practitioner may apply for a health and care worker visa while a clergy who is not planning to be based in the UK can apply for a Religious Worker visa (Temporary Work). 

4. Student Visa 

This option is for you if you intend to study in any UK educational institution. 

However, it will be impossible for you to apply if an institution has not offered you an admission. Apart from that, you must have enough funds to show that you will adequately take care of your financial needs. 

5. Visitor Visa

Apply for this visa if you will not be staying in the UK for more than six months. 

As the name implies, you can apply for tourism purposes or if you plan to visit your family and friends.

Moreover, as a holder of this visa, the UK authorities do not permit you to work and you must strictly adhere to the travel agreement. That is, you must come back to Nigeria before six month elapses. 

Lastly, travelling on a visitor visa will require you to supply your movement plans within the UK. This is to ensure the authorities fully understand what your presence is all about. 

UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens 

Actually, each visa type comes with its own specific requirements. However, the following are the general requirements, irrespective of the type you’re applying for. 

1. International Passport 

This is your international identity and it must be valid for at least three months after you arrive in the UK. 

If you don’t have an international passport yet, you can visit the immigration office in your state to apply for one. 

2. Passport Photographs

Your passport photographs must not be more than six months old as at the time of UK visa application. 

Also note that it is preferred if you have a coloured picture with a white background. 

3. Visa Application Form 

Filling an application form comes with two options – online or manual. That is, you can access their website to fill a form or visit their office to manually fill out a printed form. 

4. Proof of Fund

Before they find you eligible for any visa you are applying for, you have to prove that you have the financial capacity to take care of your expenses in the UK. 

5. Proof of Accommodation

The issuing authorities will not approve your application if you have no place to stay in the UK. They do not expect you to touch down before you start scouting for a place to lay your head. Therefore, you must have settled your accommodation plan before you apply for a visa. 

6. Biometric Details 

If you wish to stay in the UK for more than six months, you must submit your biometric information such as photo and fingerprints at their submission centres. 

7. Visa Application Fee

Submission and processing of visa come with payment of application fee. 

8. Tuberculosis Test

As a Nigerian, if you want to stay in the UK for more than six months, it’s important you submit a tuberculosis test result. 

Other requirements include: 

9. Leave Approval. 

If you are employed at the time of visa application, you need to attach a leave approval to your application. This shows a proof of employment.  

10. Introduction Letter

As an employee, your company needs to issue an introduction letter to you. This letter, which must be addressed to the UK embassy, must include details as seen in your international passport. In addition, the content of the letter should feature other information like your yearly pay, position in the company and your purpose of visiting the UK .

11. Bank statement

You need a bank statement that shows you have enough funds. This bank statement must show the details of your transactions for six months prior to the time of application. 

In addition, if you are a corporate account holder, you can request for a statement and reference letter as well. 

12. Tax

You may need a tax document for your application. Ensure you have a copy at the time of your application. 

13. Payslip

As an employee, you should request for a payslip of four months from your employer.

14. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Document 

If you run a business and you are planning to travel to the UK on that ground, you will need to tender a copy of your business registration or company incorporation. 

15. Invitation Letter

Do you intend to travel to the UK as a result of an invitation from someone who’s already there? If that’s true for you, thn your host must send a letter of invitation to you. It is expedient that this letter include necessary information of your host such as the full name, passport number, UK status, duration of stay and the relationship that exist between both of you. 

16. Host Documents

Other documents you should request from your host include utility bills. Plus, if they are paying all or part of your travel expenses, you need to submit their work information and bank statement. Additionally, your host needs to send a copy of their resident permit or data page to you. 

UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Appointment Booking for UK Visa

Booking a visa appointment is paramount to completing your UK travel plan. When you book an appointment, you will choose a date to appear for biometric submission. 

Also note that if for any reason you know you can’t make it for your appointment, the system in place permits you to reschedule latest, a day before the previously chosen date.

Most importantly, ensure you are punctual on your appointment date. 

Basically, there as two options available for appointment booking: 

1. Self-service 

If you opt-in for this option, all you need to do is to upload all your documents online. This is much more stress free and quite compatible with this digital age because you may not need to leave the comfort of your home. 

2. Assisted Service 

Unlike the first option, TLSContact centre officers will assist you in booking an appointment. Primarily, they will help you upload all your support documents. However, this comes with a fee of about N11,000. 

Documents Needed at the UK Visa Appointment Centre

They include:

  • Original copy of your International passport (You may opt-in for a Keep My Passport service if you do not want to submit your passport)
  • Checklist form
  • Appointment confirmation document (previously sent to your email)
  • Proof of payment of visa fee 
  • Visa application supporting documents 
  • If you uploaded your supporting documents already using the self-service, you are exempted from visiting the centre with your documents. However, you are expected to go there with the confirmation of document submission.

How long does visa processing in Nigeria take? 

On the average, the processing time only takes three(3) weeks after you’ve satisfied all requirements and submitted all documents. When your visa is ready for pickup, the appropriate authorities will notify you through the valid email address you submitted or SMS.

When a processing time takes a longer duration, it is usually because they want to ensure you meet all the requirements for the visa you applied for before it is issued to you. 

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UK Visa Fees in Nigeria

Below are the prices of UK visa fees in Nigeria. Kindly note that the UK authorities can revisit and change the Visa fees anytime  without any prior notification. 

  • 6 Months UK Visa – $137
  • 2 Years UK Visa – $520
  • 5 Years UK Visa – $944
  • 10 Years UK Visa – $1184
  • UK Student Visa – £348

Addresses of UK Visa Application Centres in Nigeria

Victoria Island, Lagos Centre: 

Ground Floor, Ivie House, 4/6 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ikeja, Lagos Centre: 

Ground & First Floors, Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Lagos.

Abuja Centre:

Third floor, El-Yakub Building (beside Metro Plaza), Plot 1129 Zakariya Maimalari Street, Central Business District.

Note that it’s not necessary you visit the UK embassy in Nigeria for the submission and collection of your visa. But if for any reason you want to know where they are located, you will find their address below. 

UK Embassy in Nigeria

Before we wrap up this post on UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens, let’s look at where UK embassies are located in Nigeria:

British Deputy High Commission, Lagos

11 Walter Carrington Cres, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

British High Commission, Abuja

Plot 1137, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja


Accessing this page means you have all the information regarding UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. And with this, you can seamlessly process your UK travel.

At Ivav Travel, we help determined individuals process their travelling to the UK. We are more excited if your plan is to permanently relocate to the UK through study or as a global talent. 

You too can join many people who have seen their dreams come to reality by taking the first step today. Contact us, tell us what you need, allow us reason with you and see what we work out in no distant time. 

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